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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 14, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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so, the way this program is organized, we work with the ymca, the why bike program, and they coordinate with the school districts p.e. coordinators and with each p.e. teacher, they come in for two weeks. they provide training to the teachers and then also depending on where the school is, let me step back. there's a three-year kind of program in which the first year my bike comes in and shows the p.e. teacher at a school how to offer the class. the second year it is more of a co-led and the third year there are there for support. there are teachers in classes that are now providing their own bikes and their own instruction with no prop k or sfmta support because the program has gone through. so, it depends on where each school is and where the teachers are. so, yes, each one of these
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people has to -- there's a lot of coordination that goes into making sure the bikes get on campus and are stored. that the teachers are prepared and ready, et cetera. and then we meet a couple of people on site for the two-week period as well. >> so, why is there no line item for transportation? of the bikes. >> i'm sorry. of all the things i didn't bring. there is a line item that is related to the transportation that we do pay for essentially the gas. why bike owns the van and the trailers so we don't have to pay for those. however we pay for the time spent transporting them from school to school. >> okay. thank you. can someone answer the questions i have specifically about bike to work day? >> that is also me. >> okay. do you have a breakdown of the budget? because for the sponsorship, the
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bike to work someday, the $38,547, there's a list of items specifically but there's no breakdown of those items. i just would like to see a budget specifically for those particular items. this seems like a lot of money. i know in the bigger scheme of things it is not a lot of money. but it is a lot of money for one day. and i wanted to -- this has been going on for many years, every year. and so, i just wanted a breakdown of what those numbers actually look like. i didn't see a reason why those couldn't be provided in the report that we got. there's just a generalization of what it pays for. >> this is literally just a sponsorship. we are one of many sponsors for this. we are the biggest. >> but it is reimbursed. so, it is implying -- >> it is not reimbursed. prop k reimburses the mta for this. but the agreement that is signed with the bike to work day is for
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us to -- we simply sponsor it for that amount. >> so, it is a sponsorship. >> yeah. >> not -- because, for example it lists staffing and support and then it is listed again as construction and then it has all these things. then it says sponsorship and it outlines what the sponsorship pays for but not specific dollar amounts attached to it. then it says it is on a reimbursement basis. item lees we are award -- it implies that we are awarding -- the impression i'm getting is somehow it is a grant but you are saying it is a sponsorship. >> it is a sponsorship. >> which is contradictory to what i think we have in our packets. i think that's where some of my contusion -- >> i understand. i think what the staff report was trying to say is we sponsor this. where the sponsorship money goes from us from mtc is to funds the staff time and the activities.
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both the ta and the mta logos are located on the materials. we are listed alongside all the key sponsors. but there is -- >> why not just call it a sponsorship and take out the line items at not attribute it to construction which i think is confusing? >> the construction, my understanding, moniker is just a part of the art process for prop k. i would ask anna to exmra inthat. -- explain that. >> this is the phase that it fits best under. i suppose it could go under a planning phase. but we have certain phases that we fund with prop k planning design construction. >> we are funding a -- we are a sponsor for this event. we are giving money for a sponsorship and that's just what it is. that doesn't fit in any other category for prop k funding?
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>> the only other category is operations and the only operations project is paratransit. >> okay. it is confusing. so, that's why i was asking the question. >> okay. if i could also point out there is some material in the enclosure to the prop k request item that gives an overview of the classes that were conducted at each of the schools last year. >> i saw that. thank you. >> okay. >> i just wanted to understand the responses of the students. >> and there's additional surveying we can provide to your office. >> thank you. >> chairman peskin: commissioner ronen. >> supervisor ronen: i just wanted to request the ta and the chair bring back a report on sort of a near term progress on valencia street and if mta can report as well. in perhaps three months. is that enough time to come and give a progress report?
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march 1st? >> that makes sense. >> supervisor ronen: sure. okay. that would be great. thank you. >> chairman peskin: okay. it shall be. if there are no other questions or comments from members, can we have a roll call on item number eight? i would need a motion made by commissioner sheehy, seconded by commissioner ronen. >> clerk: commissioner breed, aye. commissioner cohen, aye. commissioner farrell, aye. fewer aye. commissioner kim, aye. commissioner peskin, aye. commissioner ronen, aye. commissioner sheehy, aye. commissioner tang, aye. commissioner yee. aye. the item is first approved.
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>> chairman peskin: next item. >> clerk: item ten. award three-year professional services contracts with an option to extend for two additional one-year periods to not to exceed $400,000. >> good morning. i'm here to seek approval to award professional service contracts for modeling as much ass to two teams. the contracts would be for a three-year period. these would commence after the current on call expires at the end of the year. it would be funded through the other projects they support. the two teams are led by wsp and rsg or are on our current on call. transportation analytics. additional sub consultants
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include the university of kentucky and bowman research. representatives from wsp, rsg are here in attendance and available to answer questions. the target 5% for both contracts individually. now about the process. staff issued an rfq in september. a selection panel evaluated and made a recommendation to award contracts to two of the three teams. the current on call has spent about $500,000 in the period between 2013 and 2017. the slide shows what we have used the money for. and for the new agreements we expect to use the projects for sftp and other modeling improvements and applications as needed by work program projects.
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thank you. >> chairman peskin: any questions from members? seeing none. is there any public comment on item number nine? seeing none, public comment is closed. is there a motion to award the three-year professional services contracts made by commissioner cohen. seconded by commissioner farrell. and do we have the same house? >> clerk: we do. >> chairman peskin: same house. came call. thank you. next item please. >> clerk: item ten. presentation on the san francisco municipal transportation agent 2017 facilities framework. this is an information item. >> ms. la fort. >> i would like to introduce jonathan from the mta. thanks. >> good morning commissioners. jonathan ruers here to talk about the building progress program and facilities
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framework. i want to start off very quickly to note the importance of this infrastructure. if you ride the 14 mission here in san francisco or the gary rapid network, you should know that a lot of our services start at the various facilities that we have throughout san francisco where we maintain, where we store and where we upkeep the fleet. this is where the majority of our 6,000 employees work day-to-day, where they change into their uniforms and take their showers. it is an important foundational infrastructure service here. i think everybody is florida with our muni forward with regard to getting a rubber fire fleet. that will go into service this week. and also following through with our 10% service increase around san francisco. now we need to focus on the next step and that is modern sizing our facility -- modernizing our
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facility and we have started our community outreach. so, a component of that is our 2017 facilities framework. what we wanted to do is we knew our facilities throughout san francisco which i will show shortly, were in need of reconstruction, renovation and modernization. but what we wanted to do was develop a plan that was both dynamic, allowed us to make continuous immovements across san francisco and our campus and realistically costed out year over year and we were continuously able to make improvements throughout san francisco. you will see our facilities. we do have a number and i do believe still we have more facilities than any other city department in the city and county of san francisco, minus fire stations and police stations. but significant facilities. so, 20 plus. nine major maintenance yards. this began with the 2013 vision
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report and when we looked at it as a baseline, what we found was it gave one option for the mta to pursue with regard to the growth of the muni fleet here in san francisco. if years passed or situations change, that plan didn't work for us as well as we would have anticipated which is why we wanted to move to something more flexible. it didn't consider all the operations of the sfmta which didn't include traffic operations. it includes all the operations and sets three important goals. one to modernize our facilities for new and more modern operations. second to slowly move the mta off of leases. so, if we have a permanent operation, we want to make sure to have that operation in a permanent facility, not a leased facility. and to prepare for growth and maintain our facilities in a state of good repair. so, with that, the first thing
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we did was go to the next level of state of good repair. i know all of you as commissioners are familiar with that term when we look at the age of an asset and the year it needed to be replaced. but we took our state of good repair to another level in which we actually sent out a team of consultants to do an inspection of all the systems in all of our building. while something might last a certain period of time, we reset that date and now we can tell you year over year the investment we need in our building up to windows, doors, air compressors. things needed to run our day-to-day operations through 2036 that averages to about a $7.5 million per year investment. we have been slowly moving forward with developing a full program to do that. but we do start off with about a $60 million backlog. second come poeptd was just -- component was just the growth of our fleet.
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as you are all familiar with, we have executed the agreements. both trolley coach and motor coach fleet. we have executed agreements for replacement of the light rail fleet. we have six numbers of delivery and we know over a certain period of time physically with regard to space, we will return out of room at our existing yards throughout san francisco. you will see the number 77 vehicles by 2025. about 130 by 2030 and 46 light rail vehicles in the 2040 period. again, this is based on current capacity of the yards as we were designed and this is based on the delivery schedules that we anticipate. we have two options we are currently working off of. one assumes that the mta is successful at securing a new facility. a brand new facility to store and maintain its vehicles. in that case, we would expand the four acres that the mta has at the east facility for the growth of the light rail fleet.
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we would modern size the presidio yard both for motor coach, hybrid electric fleet, trolley coach and 40 and 60-foot vehicles. moving towards the convergence of both technology and the convergence of the types of fleet that we have here in san francisco, we would also renovate the kirk land yard to allow for running repair so we don't have to do as much dead heading as we currently do. the second option assumes that the mta might not be successful at getting a new facility. in that case, we would use the four acres currently undeveloped east for a temporary trolley coach division and facility. that makes sense because a lot of electrical infrastructure we would need for future light rail operations there we would put in phase. we would shut down presidio and po ter ro -- potrero and the back end of the program would include the reconstruction of
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the kirkland yard. just as a highlight because i don't want to completely focus this on all our transit operations, we are also working to eventually inshert the animal care facility. we have been working with commissioner ronen's office on different housing options and joint development options. we will continue to look at joint development at all of our facilities throughout san francisco to maximize the opportunity for both policy goals at the city and county of san francisco has and both goals we have for our transportation system. we have looked at different uses of the building and now we are looking at expanding the use of that property to see how we can maximize it. here is the overall schedule. i think what i want to stress with regard to this schedule, typically with major programs such as this in san francisco, we work through a very steady planning outreach environmental funding and construction type schedule. in this case, we have a back end deadline. we thought that the fleet is going to be coming and we
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thought we need to be able to maintain these new vehicles that are being delivered. we have to meet certain time points and deadlines. we have developed a full schedule for this. we have had a workshop with the department of public works in august to come up with a project delivery methodology. we have our environmental team. shortly ready to execute on an agreement early in 2018 and we have got a joint development consultant contract that will be moving towards the mta board later this month. general next steps. we just began outreach last week. just overall program wide. we will go site specific with regard to potrero in both december and january. we will refine those two options with the hope we will have finalized which option we will proceed with sometime in january or february. we have done a second set of cost estimates and we have confirmed the costs.
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i will get to that in a second. in 2018 we do want to have all the technical teams together to begin the design outreach. we hope to begin on 1200, 15th street. we would have hoped to complete 1200, 15th street in 2023 with housing plus the permanent headquarters for our enforcement staff that are currently in a leased facility. and we would begin the reconstruction program. we have developed at least a cost estimate for the overall program. between the state of good repair work and the general redevelopment work, it is in the $1 billion range, if you consider all costs are in the 1.$3 billion range. the critical path and cost estimates for these three projects have remained steady.
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muni east 3 million. assuming joint development are just redevelopment of that building 12 oh -- the future regional measure three and we are looking forward to the san fran transportation task force. in preparation for that, we have developed a detailed cash flow and all of you were experts in funding. i know you know the difference between an actual cash flow. this is the most consecutive form. actual cash payments that would have to occur on a quarterly basis. means the last point in time in which we could receive a dollar. you will see that we are completing a significant number of projects this year. our burke warehouse is being reconstructed with the support of the prop k sales tax to include our overhead lines operations. we will maintain the amount of
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storage that we have always had at the burke warehouse. plus added operations crating a more efficient use of the facility. fast track is adding storage track for the lrv's that will be arriving and continue to work on operator facilities. the cash flow builds up for design work. promote 1200, 15th street and potrero and you will see it build up for presidio. we are working with the transportation authority staff and city and county of san francisco staff and mayor's office on a full funding plan for this program. i appreciate the time all you commissioners gave to both me and my team to help us prepare for the public outreach. thank you. >> chairman peskin: thank you. and thank you for all of the briefings that you have given each of us offline. with regard to the new facility in scenario one, which obviously
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is preferable in terms of timing, what is the status of the new facility discussion? >> so, we are continuing to work on negotiation and scoping. over the summer we worked with a consul stand to get performance criteria. meaning any any facility in we were to enter into an agreement needs to meet with our core transportation needs. part of the reason we did the second set of coast estimates in the sum -- cost estimates in the summer was to see if the city went it alone and we decided to go into negotiations with a developer, how far we could go. i think with that information in place, we are continuing to see what is out there in the markets. and hopefully we will have more news on that towards the end of this calendar year. >> chairman peskin: thank you. any questions from members? seeing none, is there any public comment on this informational item that is going to cost a lot
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of money over time? at least we are planning for the future. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you for that. and we look forward to future updates. next item, please. >> clerk: item 11, introduction of new items. >> chairman peskin: are there any new items? i do, colleagues, want to voice some concern i have relative to a proposal that has just surfaced to stop the california cable car, line an hour and a half early. as our city grows and becomes more late night, i'm not sure why we would want to shut down a cable car that is not only used by visitors but is a source of transportation in east and west directions. so, i would like to ask staff to work with the mta and figure out why they are doing that.
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unless there's a good reason, we will use our purse strings to figure out how not to make that happen. are there any other items for introduction? seeing none, is there general public comment? mr. yip. >> public: good morning. the duties of political leaders will be making well being for our people. national character should return to true morality in culture. the true principle will make unity for our nation. [indiscernible] >> public: we have to cultivate justice for civil rights to have well balanced adjustment in our political system. our protection of the common good for our people will secure the stability for well managed
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nation. [indiscernible] >> public: a livelihood for our people. they are to take pathway of kindness and wealthiness. [indiscernible] >> public: obtaining social prosperity we have to take the right path for holiness and morality for all that matters to be truthful and righteous for a democratic system. >> chairman peskin: thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed and the cta is adjourned. [meeting adjourned
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coffee. >> how many agencies does that take in order to convert a parking lot into affordable housing in the middle of the tenderloin? well no longer 7, of course, tndc of course, the mayor's office of housing, of course, the incredible financing organizations that came through the department of hud enterprise came in indicating to construction their compressed be
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contracted so all the agencies came together with tndc working with the community making sure at least one and 13 unit get built all accountable jobs are another stake and certificate of preference and having the schools and community they're all at stack if we can't get in housing built i'm here to thank everybody for putting this together and making sure wear on our way to do more housing that by the need and build the kind of housing housing for everyone but in particular the hardest thing to build 100 percent - even if a parking lot so many fencing mechanisms to meet the champion >> (clapping.) >> sew mr. mayor i think what is really special about this project the fact over 60 percent
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will think two bedrooms and three bedrooms apartment we know there a sdaerth of family housing no inform has an incredible impact on the economy and, of course, on the communities if you can't have families that work here afford to live in the city they living live and work we have much, much more to do across the country to make sure we're housing the middle-income and working-class this supplement will help to solve the problem thank you for making that neighborhood healthy and congratulations to tndc for the groundbreaking this.
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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our
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employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> ok, good morning. i will call to order the november 9, 2017, transbay joint powers authority meeting. roll call please. >> note for the record that directors kim and sartipi will t


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